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Sound Recording Wellington New Zealand

Mortal Engines

A smallish shoot as 2U Sound Recordist expanded somewhat and turned into 3 1/2 very busy months on Christian Rivers and Peter Jacksons’ latest epic sci fi fantasy – Looking forward to this one!!

It was also a good opportunity to add to the sound kit and I added several microphones, new video monitors, a wireless distrobution, some Zaxcom wireless channels and Sennheiser IFB headsets to the kit.

I spent a couple of weeks building a new studio sound cart for this shoot, manufacturing about 50 audio and power cables and a double redundancy power supply – The bar for day 1 was really only set for ‘nothing catches fire’ – fortunately nothing did and it all operated fairly flawlessly for the shoot.  Many thanks to Chris Hiles @ The Sound Department for the support and advice.




Squeaky new kit

Gearing up for Miramars’ latest feature as 2U sound mixer on Mortal Engines.  Have added a swag of DPA lavs and shotgun microphones to the mic locker, and built a new drama cart featuring the Sonosax SXST mixer.  Also added a new Sennheiser IFB system so it’s going to be pristine audio all ’round – it’s still a work in progress but getting there.


Happy new year!!

Lurching into the new year after a hectic last few months – Battled the elements for 4 weeks on US doco-drama Palisade -Mixed the Toi short film season – Couple of TVCs in there for Whittikers and Meridian, a few days shooting a wedding for an Australian reality series  and Tupaias Endeavour is set to screen on Maori TV shortly!!

Busy times and gear upgrades

It’s been a hectic few months !!

– Recent clients include Recording TVCs for Clemenger BBDO and Assignment for The Interislander, Kiwibank and Department of Conservation, Burger King and Fair Play, as well as mixing the Kiwibank TVCs and Web-ads
Web-ads for Greenpeace, ACC and Wrestler.
Recording and Mixing the Toi Whakaari NZ school of Dance and Drama Film Season, finished editing Lala Roll’s epic 3 part historical documentary Tupaia’s Endeavour – screening on Maori TV soon.
Also various TV shoots – Grand designs NZ, Star Struck Lovers for 7 in Aus,
And also branched out to record ‘Don Giovanni’, Mozarts Opera and The New Zealand String Quartet performing John Rimmers Quartet number 2 and Joseph Greigs Quartet for String Quartet.
Among other things – Next up sound recording on a 4 part US historical Doco drama.

I’ve added several channels of Lectrosonics waterproof wireless to the inventory and another set of IFB / crew coms along with a pair of DPA miniature shotgun microphones for the ultimate discreet in-car recording – also very handy for plant mics in difficult spaces.

New inventory – Sennheiser MKH8060 and Phonak invisible in-ear monitors

Have added a new shotgun mic to the locker and a couple of virtually invisible in ear units for silent cueing without cables


Web Ad wins award

An ad I recently sound recorded and mixed, shot and directed by Ro Tierney has won an award for impact and design – The whole series can be seen on Kiwibanks’ website

Recent Clients and other news

It’s been flat out – Have recently been all over the country for Z energy Good in the Hood campaign.  Shot a kids science series, documented the latest changes for Grand Designs NZ and recorded the Ministry of Health’s Symposium, shot 45 minutes of drama in 4 1/2 days dramatising the stageshow Hilary Clinton Young Lover as well as a few more episodes of The Water Cooler.  Other recent clients include Awa Films, Maori TV and starting a collaboration with Toi Whakari School of performing arts and James Ashcroft on a series of short films, as well as a stint on a large action blockbuster being shot in Wellington.

Have also added some more lectrosonics wireless to the kit and the lightweight drama cart is coming along


Recent Clients

Made it to Christmas – Happy New Year


Recent clients include – Meridian web commercial, Tourism NZ, Weta Workshop various content, Tupaias Endeavor documentary Ep1 almost ready to air, Explorer is ready to screen, Flick Energy web commercial, Pot Luck web series is up and running as in The Water cooler web series, check them out online.


the year is looking busy…..


Recent Clients

Just finished a great shoot for Tourism NZ, Weta Workshop have been keeping me busy and squeezing in a doco for Arts Access Aotearoa.

Shiny new tools – Sonosax SX8D location Mixing board

I’ve been lucky enough to acquire a Sonosax SX8D location mixer complete with a location sound cart – The SX8D is arguably the best sounding location board there is – so many routing options too.  Came set up with a drama cart too