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Vinyl / DAT / Digital Transfers

I use high-end Meridian analog to digital conversion and highly regarded Shure styli to capture a high quality digital file from vinyl records РThis file can then be cleaned up and optimised using Protools and forensic audio restoration programs to remove the vast majority of clicks, pops and noise as desired and to soften distortion if necessary.  The result is clean crisp tracks ready to go to CD or to be converted to mp3 for your music player.

Vinyl to digital transfer – Technics SL-D3 deck -> Shure M75ED cartridge/stylus or Ortofon OM30 -> Project Phono Box MKII -> Meridian AD -> Protools DAW -> Noise removal -> CD / .wav / mp3

DAT Transfers – Have added the venerable Panasonic SV3700 to inventory – Need DATs dumped to another format / Archived ? – drop me a line

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  1. Kerry Nolan permalink

    I have 200-300 vinyls, I’d like to think in reasonable/good order, and want to convert probably half to CDs. I’m not an audiophile but would a level higher than MP3, perhaps WAV?

    What would be your suggestions and approximate cost?


    • Hi Kerry – Depending on how you’re planning to play the music back, on a cd player or off an ipod / computeretc I would suggest minimum a .Wav. Any format will require real time playback of the record so may as well do highest quality, but providing both .mp3 and .Wav is also easily achievable. Depending on the processing required ( noise reduction ) /length of records ( EPs / LPs ) it would come down to time per platter for cost, Please drop me a line if you’d like to discuss further it’s tricky to provide an accurate quote without more information.
      Regards Joel 04 3892861

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